FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How much time do I need to commit to this?

There will be a one-to-one training session available to each participant (approx. 2 hours per session), then a try out show with the other contestants (but no public) which will be for approx. 2-3 hours (dependent on the size of the group). Then approximately 5-6 hours on the day (afternoon and evening) of the final show, with approx. 2-3 hours for prep pre-show and approx 3 hours for the show.

The one-to-one training sessions will be between you and a comedian, to develop your 5 minute comedy routine; this can be arranged at a time/place to suit you.

Do I already need to be funny?

It helps but we will provide training to help bring this side of you out!

When is the closing date for entry?

September 2017

I’ve performed stand-up comedy before, is it okay for me to enter?

The Stand-up Challenge is exclusively for people with no or very minimal stand-up experience. We aim to keep the challenge fair and for it to be for participants who will be experiencing for the first time, preparing their own comedy material and performing it live on stage to a large audience.

How much is the participation fee and what is it for?

£350 + VAT. This is to cover the cost of training, mentoring and venue hire.

When will tickets be available?

Tickets will go on sale after the closing date for entry. Please email Katherine@bigdifferencecompany.co.uk for more information or to make a reservation for a Table of 8 guests or individual seats.

What is the date of the show?

The show will take place on Thursday 2nd November 2017

Why am I being asked to raise sponsorship money and what will that money be used for?


What support will I receive?

There will be a one-to-one training and mentoring session to help you write and rehearse your material, followed by a “try out” show/group workshop. On the afternoon/evening of the performance there will be support from your comedian mentor

Stand Up Challenge show

Support will be available on the afternoon/evening of the event from the comedian mentor to help calm nerves and provide encouragement!

How long does my stand-up comedy routine need to be?

A maximum of 5 minutes.

What are the benefits of doing this?

To do something different, to take you out of your comfort zone, away from your daily job, and to raise money for a great cause!

How will I benefit from this?

It will help you with your presentation skills and how to deal with nerves.

What will happen on the show day?

You will arrive at the venue 2-3 hours before the doors open, to meet with your fellow participants. Your comedy mentor will be available for you to talk to and run through your act. You will have access to the stage to rehearse and experience what it will feel like. There will be a compere for the show who will introduce each act. There will be at least one interval and then after the final act the judges will decide upon a winner.

Is this a competition?

Yes; but a friendly one!

What will I win?

A physical award and an amazing buzz!

Who are the judges?

Yet to be confirmed.

What publicity will there be on the Stand Up Challenge website?

We will profile each contestant on our website, in the Wolverhampton 2017 tab.

Will the audience be over 18?

Not necessarily.

Do I need to write original material?

Absolutely, yes! We will help you with that when you meet with your comedian trainer/mentor.

Can I use props?

Yes, you can but you will need to provide them yourself. You should avoid using too much technical support (such as showing films or PowerPoint presentations).

Can I perform with a colleague/friend?

We would rather you perform on your own but if you want to perform as a double act, yes you can but you will be judged together.