Big Difference Company presents
7th November 2018
In association with Leicester Mercury

Leicester Stand Up Challenge 2018 particpants

We are delighted to showcase our 7 fabulous participants for this year’s Challenge – please check them out below.

On Wednesday 7th November 2018, 7 super brave members of the Leicester & Leicestershire business community took to the stage and performed their first ever 5 minutes of original stand-up comedy at The Y – all in aid of charity. .

The show was hosted by Carly Smallman and all proceeds from the night will go towards supporting local charity Big Difference Company (registered charity 1135167).

The overall winner on the night was Max Galt

With Monica Winfield in 2nd place and Tim Cadman in 3rd place.

Here is the full line up of contestants who took part in the Leicester Stand Up Challenge 2018 – you can sponsor them and watch their performances below.


Karl Craig-West

Buzz Website Design

I'm doing the challenge for 3 reasons: 1 - to raise money for the charity (I'm a big fan) 2 - to show those who know me that I'm (occasionally) funny 3 - OK, so maybe it was only 2...

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Karl Craig-West of Buzz Website Design in Leicestershire

Monica Winfield

BBC Radio Leicester

I've always secretly fancied having a go at stand up - and the chance to raise money at the same time was too good to miss!

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Monica Winfield Radio Leicester

Tim Cadman

Serjeants LLP

The challenge of doing something I’ve never done before really appeals to me, and supporting a worthwhile charity is even better. Hopefully, by the end of the process I might even be funny!

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Tim Cadman Stand Up challenge

Martin Smith

Force Four Creative Ltd

It was easy to connect with using comedy as a vehicle to drive social or behavioural change - we use fun and comedy in our business and i know it works. Raising a bit of cash and having a giggle ? What's not to like? As for taking to the stage - I try to find a few activities per year that scare me. This is an easy 10 on my 'scared-shitless-o-meter'.

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Martin Smith

Max Galt

Howes Perival LLP

I've been coerced into taking part, under threat of sacking, by my firm (who are a long standing supporter of Big Difference Company). The irony is I'll probably be fired for rudeness, crudeness, and a multitude of other HR sins after my performance anyway. Issues of duress aside, it's a good opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause and subject myself to public humiliation, which I rarely pass up on.

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Max Galt Stand up challenge

Russell A C Irwin

East Midlands Airport

Having been an actor, a return to the stage will be very exciting. Stand Up is the scariest of all mediums and this will be well out of my comfort zone. That having been said Big Difference Company and the multitude of worthwhile projects they are involved in, will make the pain worth it.

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Russell Irwin East Midlands Airport Stand Up Challenge contestant

Shaf Islam

Chutney Ivy

I'm really nervous and really excited to have signed up to be part of the Stand Up Challenge. Having managed restaurants for many years, and dealt with the general public most of my working life, I have loads of stories - some of which I hope I can tell on stage to a live audience!

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