Big Difference Company presents
Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Sponsored by The Miller Partnership and De Montfort University

Supported by Associate Partner University of Leicester and Media Partner Crosscut Media

View and support our brave participants of Leicester Stand Up Challenge 2021!

A HUGE congratulations to all our participants!

Jon Ashworth MP, Gary Pitt, Sarah Thomson, Mike Dalzell, Laura Hailstone (3rd place), Adam English (2nd place) and winner Matt Holt.

Thank you!!

Image credit: Will Johnston Photography


MGL MEDIA & Spoon Jar Films

My great granddad was a Music Hall comedian called Billy Burton from Coalville circa 1926. I’ve always loved the classic Hollywood stars like Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy which is why I’ve been a film maker for 21 years. I’d just like to see if I could “make em laugh” like Billy Burton and my heroes.

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Adam English

Presenter on Union JACK Radio

As a radio presenter, I’m used to making jokes and not hearing any laughter so this shouldn’t be too different. Plus, it’s for a good cause and all that. In all seriousness, this is a brilliant event and concept and I can’t wait to see the other participants in action. Bring it on!

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Laura Hailstone

De Montfort University

I put myself forward for this last July, thinking it was a long way off and that it might be forgotten about, but no such luck! I’m pretty much terrified about the idea of taking to the stage but it’s all for a great cause, Big Difference Company is such a fantastic charity, reaching communities across the city so I’m pleased to be able to support their work.

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Mike Dalzell

Director Tourism, Culture and Investment - Leicester City Council

The stand up challenge is a great concept – based on the premise that people are quite prepared to part with their money to relish the prospects of others enduring ritual personal humiliation. I’m pretty confident I won’t let them down!

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Gary Pitt

Associate Solicitor at Howes Percival

Howes Percival have entered the Stand Up Challenge every year since its inception. Having joined the firm about a year ago, Gary discovered the risks with being the loudest in the office, when he was immediately signed up to take part this year. Gary is hoping to raise money for a worthwhile cause whilst raising a few laughs. Or, more likely, dying on his arse. Still, people in the office will laugh at him for that, which I suppose counts.

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Sarah Thomson

De Montfort University

I agreed to do the Stand Up Challenge because I had a conversation with Geoff where I wasn’t really paying attention and said something like, ‘yeah sure, I’ll do that, sounds great.’ I am slightly terrified but it is for a really good cause so let’s raise some money and hopefully if the jokes are good enough let’s raise the roof too!

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Jon Ashworth

Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

They laughed when I said I was going to do stand up, well they ain’t laughing now ....I can’t believe I’ve agreed to do stand up. But it’s all for charity and sitting opposite Boris Johnson in the Commons has given me plenty of material....

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